Exceptional Furnitures

By Llorenç Bonet

Stunning & solid piece of art made of aluminio (also Gold and Rose Gold 18K to 24K)


Various finishes available


Stunning & solid piece of art made of aluminio (also Gold and Rose Gold 18K to 24K)


Special Project

Residencial i comercial, internacional.

For Home

• Kitchen cabinet door

• Diner table

• Table of all shapes and sizes

• Custom furniture

For Businesses

• Conference table

• Executive desk

• Table of all shapes and sizes

• Custom furniture

For Institution

• Hotels

• Restaurants

• Boutiques

• Various

For Designer

Are you a designer? Feel free to contact us regarding your most creative projects.

It all started from an encounter between the matter and the artist

Exceptional Furnitures,
Extraordinary Heritage.

Tables and cabinets were the subjects of his first experiments. However, the art forms Llorenç has always considered distinct seemed altogether to take a new lease of life under the strokes of his bare hands: The outcome of his endeavors, sculpture tables rather than plain furniture, made me realize that I wasn't simply following the footsteps of the cabinetmaker anymore, but also those of the sculptor and the painter.

Walnut wood is a noble wood, a dark and venerable wood which commands respect. Unthinkable to constrain it into following the rules of gravity, impossible to straighten it. This one wood drove the artist into liking the natural curves of the matter, using them as milestones. Hence, he eagerly combines it with other techniques among which plaster, resin and metal casting, his journey turns into an intimate dialogue with the matter, and turns the utilitarian piece of furniture into a work of art. Suddenly, tables come to life before the Catalonia native eyes. Organically, humanlike, animal.

Exceptional furniture will free your inner quarters, the artist picture them standing in the middle of apartments and houses, they make people smile and foster discussions. A touch of madness down the hallway glances at you: The sculptural furniture (or functional sculpture) calls for an encounter.

A Story Marked by Civil War, Word War II, Salvador Dalí & More.

The Bonet Heritage Lives Behond Its Family

Jordi Bonet was born on May 7, 1932 in Barcelona, ​​Spain. At the age of 7, he lost his arm due to the Spanish Civil War, which did not prevent him from becoming an internationally renowned artist, known for his giant format metal wall hangings. In 1973, suffering from leukemia, Bonet knows himself condemned. Jordi Bonet and his friend François Lemay, designer, had in 1979 a dream of furniture out of the ordinary. 40 years later, his thread Llorenç gives birth to the prestigious project. Here is this unforgettable dream reviewed by his son.

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